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David Bird
from Hamilton | Canada
14.03.2021, 18:24
Post # 91
Skin and bone

I was so disappointed when Mr. Hiatt came out with that "God's Golden Eye" stuff. I remember when he sang, back in the late seventies, "I see you found religion! Well, praise Jesus! I'm alive and well, in spite of all, this skin and bone." I can't find that song on your site, unfortunately. Is it familiar to you?


not at the moment you know the title or any further lyrics?
Ken Davis
from Florida | USA
23.03.2020, 15:19
Post # 90
2021 South Africa music tour

Thanks to Sirus radio Margar. station, just heard about 2021 tour in South Africa. I was on a Joe Bonamassa cruise (in cold ,rough seas) . John was featured guest, excellent performance, although it appeared he did not have his sea legs with him!
John Pettit
from NANAIMO | Canada
20.03.2020, 03:17
Post # 89

My wife and I were at your wonderful concert in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada with Lyle Lovett. It was a memorable performance. In this performance you performed a great song in which you did a great whistling performance. I can't find this on your website. Has this been recorded or am I out of luck.

John Pettit


First: John Pettit, it's a fansite and I'm not John Hiatt smile
Second: All I know is that John is often whistling when playing Perfectly Good Guitar live!

Hope it helps
Juergen (webmaster)
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