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John Hiatt - Demos I (1985)

  1. The Truth About Money      
  2. Trudy And Dave      
  3. Where's The Next One Coming From      
  4. Kick Out Of Nothing      
  5. She Don't Love Nobody      
  6. The Penny Dropped      
  7. Mercy Don't Know My Name      
  8. New Fingerprints      
  9. Tennessee Plates      
  10. Everybody's Girl      
  11. Confidence Man      
  12. Real Emotion      
  13. Right Now      
  14. Angel Eyes      
  15. Tip Of My Tongue      
  16. Wild World      
  17. Lipstick Sunset      
  18. Falling Apart At The Dreams      
  19. Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me      
  20. Two Hearts Like Ours      
  21. Kick Out Of Nothing 2 (solo)      
none of the tracks have ever been released officially!

© by John Hiatt

Liner Notes
John Hiatt - Demos 1983-1985 - unknown cassette > cdr(0) > eac > cd wave > flac

This period of Hiatt's life was incredibly fruitful, musically. His divorce, getting dropped by his label, birth of his daughter, and wife's suicide yielded a crop of songs that fans still marvel over, to this day.

This stuff ('Bug' was his publishing co.) made fans out of many people--that Hiatt, like savant Bruce, could have so many great songs that he never touched after the demos. Also, other artists noticed: Nick Lowe, Marshall Crenshaw, and Jeff Healey all covered songs here. This crop was mostly mined for the first two A&M lps and the first Bring The Family acoustic tour, but he resurrected #5 for the Perfectly Good Guitar tour and went back to #14 when he put out a best of after that!

Come see what all the fuss was about, especially if you're not a Hiatt fan! The songs are pretty much evenly split between solo recordings and with a backing band.

ALSO: This stuff exists in better quality, as you'll see when I put up part two. PLEASE--if you have better quality, put it up or PM me. I shamelessly admit that this torrent has an ulterior motive.

BTW, this will not fit on one cd. If you want, save #21 and stick it at the end of part two of the Bug demos when I get to it (soon!).

shared via DimeADozen by lilpanda - a BIG thank you!