…one of rock’s most astute singer-songwriters of the
last 40 years
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John Hiatt - Demos I (1985)

  1. The Truth About Money   
  2. Trudy And Dave   
  3. Where's The Next One Coming From   
  4. Kick Out Of Nothing   
  5. She Don't Love Nobody   
  6. The Penny Dropped   
  7. Mercy Don't Know My Name   
  8. New Fingerprints   
  9. Tennessee Plates   
  10. Everybody's Girl   
  11. Confidence Man   
  12. Real Emotion   
  13. Right Now   
  14. Angel Eyes   
  15. Tip Of My Tongue   
  16. Wild World   
  17. Lipstick Sunset   
  18. Falling Apart At The Dreams   
  19. Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me   
  20. Two Hearts Like Ours   
  21. Kick Out Of Nothing 2 (solo)   
none of the tracks have ever been released officially!

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