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John Hiatt - Demos III (1982)

  1. Ain't That Crazy      
  2. Mexican Lover      
  3. Put A Little In The Middle      
  4. Heavy Tears      
  5. Go Out And Love Somebody      
  6. Dancing Fool      
  7. You Never Told Her      
  8. The Weather's Changing      
  9. Radio Girl      
  10. Something Happens      
  11. I Don't Even Try      
  12. Here's To You      
  13. It's Alright      
  14. Good Place To Hide      
  15. Saint Mary      
  16. Sister Woncha      
  17. On The Road      
  18. If I Can Love Somebody      
  19. I'll Get Out Of This      
  20. Washable Ink      
  21. A Broken Man      
  22. Follow The Dolphin      
  23. Take It Slow      
  24. Train To Birmingham      
none of the tracks have ever been released officially!

© by John Hiatt

Liner Notes
John Hiatt - Demos III early 1980's - unknown cassette > cdr(0) > eac > cd wave > flac

These are all pre-Bring The Family songs, good to Very Good quality. You can hear the eramark of early Hiatt: he is trying to sound like he's black (sometimes way too much).

Great variety in the songwriting quality:

A really bad Waits attempt (Here's To You), and way too many acoustic numbers that sound like Mississippi John Hurt retreads (he even dedicates #6 to him) -- now I see why he was on the tribute LP. You Never Told Her -- easily one of the best songs Hiatt ever wrote, period; it's fully orchestrated.
Also great: Dave Edmunds' Something's Happening is here, as is Conway Twitty' Heavy Tears. Marti Jones' version of If I Could Love Somebody unfortunately blows Hiatt's away, he does not connect with the song.

80% of this is acoustic solo -- it gives things like Radio Girl and Washable Ink some interesting turns, but you wish for a band on stuff like Follow the Dolphin and I'll get out of this.

This is all I have; I guess no one is going to upgrade this stuff.
shared via DimeADozen by lilpanda - a BIG thank you!