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John Hiatt - The Wild Blue Yonder (1992)
[Triangle Records PYCD 088]

duration: 1:14:14
  1. Stolen Moments    5:34
  2. Real Fine Love    6:49
  3. Trudy And Dave    4:16
  4. It'll Come To You    5:37
  5. Your Dad Did    6:22
  6. Is Anybody There?    6:31
  7. Back Of My Mind    4:47
  8. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder    6:02
  9. Riding With The King    7:38
  10. Memphis In The Meantime    7:20
  11. Slow Turning    7:39
  12. My Girl    5:39  
The Wild Blue Yonder [A+]

Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 1990

How did you and John Hiatt come to record a cover of the Temptations' "My Girl"?
Well, we did a whole tour together of Holland. This would've been in the '80s at some point. We played in pretty much every town in Holland, of which there are about 12 that are big enough to have a concert hall, and we thought it would be fun for us and the audience if we played some songs together, and we picked a couple and recorded them.

The two we recorded and performed were "My Girl" and a Kate McGarrigle song called "Come a Long Way." Kate was my first wife. So there's a recording of that somewhere, too. We went into a studio somewhere in London, I think and just slapped them down. Yeah, that was fun. John's a great singer, and I believe he played piano on that, too.

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