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Nothing I Love
written by John Hiatt

I play some poker on Friday night
But I'm always holdin' my cards too tight
I got a tell, it's my twitchy eye
They take my money and it makes me cry

Oh nothin' I love, oh nothin' I love
Nothin' I love is good for me, but you

I'm smoking cigars baby, one-two-three
'Til they don't even taste good to me
I drink too much, I take too many pills
Ain't too long before my mind gets ill


Well I keep a slink-slack-slidin' down a slippery slope
I get my kicks until I just can't cope
My friends start thinkin' that I'm just too soft
But this ain't the kind of the thing, you can just sleep on

Well, I eat too much, until I'm fat as can be
I wish I knew what was eatin' me
I wanna another piece of pie, come on, cut the cake
Don't know how much more of this I can take


There ain't nothin' I love, baby
Good for me, but you
There ain't nothin' I love, baby
Ain't nothin' I love good for me but you