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Nobody Knew His Name
written by John Hiatt

There was a man in a Cadillac used to come around here
Looking for a long black train
Said his baby left town with the Engineer
Cut across the midnight rain, boys
Straight across the midnight rain

Everybody said he'd been in Vietnam
When he was pretty young
That's where his buddy got killed when his rifle jammed
Fighting ain't never done, boys
Fighting ain't never done.

Red tip while the cigarette glowin'
Windows up against the rain
Night so dark, there was nothing else showin'
Nobody knew his name, boys
Nobody knew his name

Sheriff run him off every once in awhile
But he would be right back
With a cup of coffee and old newspaper eyes
Sittin' by the side of the tracks, boys
Cryin' by the side of the tracks

He'd try to keep from turning the tables
Hot walkin' horses out at Suffolk Downs
But there was always some whiskey back at the stables
If you knew where to look around, boys
If you knew where to look around


Slingin' Pizza and Beer down at Waterfront Park
Handicappin' dogs for the clientele
A different pick for each one, it didn't matter who won
Somebody gonna tip him well, boys
Somebody gonna tip him well

They found him in his Cadillac car
Out behind the old farm store
He was sittin' there like we was goin' somewhere
And he wasn't coming back no more, boys
He wasn't coming back no more