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Over The Hill
written by John Hiatt

I'm over the hill under the bridge
Still a few peaks and valleys I ain't seen
You talk about love I talk about love
I don't know any better than to dream
I know your father's house it has many rooms
I see the young men sweeping up with their brooms

But if you want me, I'm over the hill
Yeah, if you want me, I'm over the hill

I'm long in the tooth what can I say
I take huge bites of life and I eat the bones
The gristle and marrow feeds my soul
Gives me the strength to forgive all the sticks and stones
And what you see in me you think I see too
I didn't get here telling stories for you


I hear a distant cry a tear forms in your eye
For the way things might have been
We can't look back again
No time to fill the cup
No time to screw it up
We'll have to place our bets
On the dog with no regrets

Time won't tell heaven or hell
Time just pisses his secrets down the stream
You talk about love I talk about love
Sometimes I even think we know what we mean

No band of angels bringing peace to the streets
We wear the garments and we shuffle our feet
If you still want me, I'm over the hill
If you still me baby, I'm over the hill

Recorded October 4, 2017