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Hide Your Tears
written by John Hiatt

I donít spend too many days
Thinking about my reckless ways
Broken hearts, rhymes of death
Trouble Iíve brung, pain Iíve left

All the changes Iíve tried to make
Like drowning bubbles in a giant wake
Coughed from the sea onto dry land
Brought to life somehow again

Hide your tears out in plain sight
Hide your tears to catch the light
Show your tears to all your friends
Then go and hide your tears again

Heard a cry through bedroom doors
Crashing dreams off distant shores
Said everything I shouldnít say
What didnít matter, anyway

The stories I could never tell
Of lives and wives and city bells
Theyíre all wrapped in my arms so dear
But nothing I have can hold them here


I still fall for it every time
Take the kill on my own dime
Get up, get knocked down again
I ask for five and you give me ten

I broke into the house of love
A dimming light, my shadow held
Till shadows held no light to see
With all of it surrounding me


I donít spend too many days
Thinking about the reckless ways
A man tries to outrun his death
Or a broken heart runs out of breath