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Confidence Man
written by John Hiatt

Well, I lost you at the border
When you crossed it
Had your number, baby
But I lost it
I know your love
Was just a flimflam

Well, you can't pull the wool over me
'cause I'm a confidence man

I can talk old ladies
Out of all of their money
I can talk young girls
Into calling me honey
You can talk all you want, baby
But I got fast hands

You're a real soft touch
But I'm a confidence man

I know your mother
Taught you how to bake a cherry pie
And read a book
Your daddy taught you how to tell a lie
And not get shook

Let me tell you somethin', baby
You better learn
If you're gonna con the con man
You're liable to get burned

Now, now, now
We were stretched out on the floor, baby
It's all elastic
But you stretched it too tight and it snapped like plastic
And the pieces went flying across the badlands

No discouraging word could be heard
'cause I'm a confidence man

Now, maybe Chicago
Is where you're bound
But love is a cheap perfume
It hangs around
And you roll the dice
Now let the bet stand

Well, you can't pull the wool over me
'cause I'm a confidence man