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Long Black Electric Cadillac
written by John Hiatt

I got a long black electric Cadillac
She run a thousand miles on a jump (x2)
I'm runnin' subterranean air conditioning
And full electron photo array in my trunk

And when I'm headin' out west just to see ya
Only have to stop twice along the way (x2)
Once to get my groceries
And once to charge up my engine bay

I been running artificial intelligence
Ever since I was a little boy (x2)
I been hacked to bits and pieces
But they couldn't touch my pride and joy

I got a big black electric Cadillac
I can drive from the back to right up front (x2)
Electric fireplace sitting on the dashboard
Can warm your heart anyway you want

Was talkin' to elected official
He was saying something so obscene (x2)
Had to run it on down to Jackson
Just to keep my motor clean
(That's what I had to do)