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Right Now
written by John Hiatt

You said the tables were turning
Sure enough it's turned away
You got out of this one baby
We all had to pay

I don't know who had the last laugh coming
But you took it and it wasn't any joke
When I think about how we hurt each other
Make me wanna choke

Right now, I wanna forget you
Right now, I don't wanna miss you
Right now, I wanna forget you
Right now, Right now

I know it's a nasty habit
Spending time shooting up on the past
You might get a kickever so often
But the kick never lasts

I'm tired of asking questions
And I'm tired of wondering why
You hurt so much for livin'
Just wanted to die


I could dwell on all of the suffering I caused you
And never see my way through it
I'm not washing any hands
But I don't give a damn what they say
You didn't have the right to do it

One cigarette missing from my packet
You must have thought about it just that long
Then you walked out through the back door
Your blue slippers on

You left them neat right next to each other
On an old chair out in the garage
Underneath the rafters where you were hanging
As if the image weren't enough to know you were gone