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Cane Breaks
written by John Hiatt

I met a preacher down by the cane breaks
He said he had a devil right buried (?) inside
hotel lining (?) a struck about cane breaks
You should have seen the preacher jumping on by

Double devers they're hiding in the bushes
Take the paint ball you're gonna get hurt
Before you driving keep her in the forest
Don't you want to take another look

Down at the cane breaks
Down at the cane breaks
Selling that snake oil jumping on a claim stake
Well down by the cane breaks
Lines are being drawn
And the Choctaw and the Chicksaw they're all gone

This ain't your land, this ain't your people
What are you doing walking these woods
A trade and sickness for blood and whiskey
Callin' it progress, callin' it good

Men of the clock, men of the ivories (?)
Jimmy Lee Swaggart has got Jerry Lee shook
Down at Mississipee the sea ain't rubble
That is the devil until you take another look

Down at the cane breaks
Down at the cane breaks
the horse stops pounding like a headache
Down at the cane breaks
You can't buy a thrill
Cause you're spending all that matches under the hill

Ghosts are sleeping down at the cane breaks
And their hearts have turned to stone
And alligators they're crying our babies
That's the bayou of Pierre Crowns (?)

Oh boy you could through the heart of the nation
Take your history books to town
Well they got in glory of gold again stations
Don't you wanna take another look around

Down at the cane breaks
Down at the cane breaks
Men are shaking hands it's feeling like an earthquake
Down at the cane breaks
The sheet is getting torn
And those red white and blue babies are being born