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Too Live To Leave
written by John Hiatt

He took the Caddy blew the dust out of his sleep
Went in walked off in military
Left him with a ponytail, sorta waving in the breeze
and a thousand dollar note to carry

She had a baby named Venus and a tattoo down her back
And a son who was a parking lot attendant
And her first husband never forgave her
For running off with that son-of-a-bitch
And he was hell bent on seeking vengence

They were too live to leave
Too live to leave out
(Too live to leave out)
Too live to leave out
(Hoo hoo)
Too live to leave out
(Too live to leave out)

Who do you go after, after all these years
Well he just couldn't make his mind up
He found out where she was living
And stopped at the market for a couple of beers
And thought about crushing that little dixie cup
That son-of-a bitch she married is probably in Ontario by now
And her son would be just going off to work
Venus would be howling the cow would be jumping over the moon
If only he could make that shotgun jerk


Now Venus favorite show was 911
So when that dirty deed was done
She picked up the phone and called an ambulance
So Mama got a second chance

A miracle
A miracle baby

All the public broadcasting in the world couldn't change this story none
But Willie Shatner could make history
Her first husband got five years for assault and got out after one
That old (bald?) seargent's whereabouts remain a mystery

That young man opened up a used exotic car lot out in Phoenix
Blazed off all day in that Arizona sun
Little Venus runs a roadside grotto near Las Vegas
where everyday a thousand pilgrims come

So live