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Cry To Me
written by John Hiatt

Getting dark and it feels like trouble
Heating up just like before an evening rain
Tongues so sharp they could burst any bubble
Nobody wants to talk about all that pain

They're all having fun playing with your feelings
You can't control it, it just breaks your heart
Dirty double-crosses done with underhanded dealings
When all you ever wanted was a place to start

Come on and cry to me, baby
You can even lie to me, baby
I'm probably going to let you down, but
I swear I won't keep you down
I swear I won't keep you down

Memories of Highway 19 they still haunt you
Babies on hips and men made out of motorcycle parts
Broken windows and blows that taunt you
Not one damn thing in the yard that starts

Wonder why love is always looking for its own ghost
Or is that just what hurt people do
Find the ones who injured them the utmost
Practically beg 'em to make their dreams come true


Sometimes something good can come from lying
Cause sometimes when they got you so down
Something worse can come from crying
Cause sometimes they just wanna keep you down


Recorded August 18, 2017