...one of rock's most astute singer-songwriters of the
last 40 years
~ Los Angeles Times ~

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Discography (Guest appearances)

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CD:Songs From Quarantine
Songs From Quarantine
released 2021
CD:Heartworn Highways (Original Soundtrack)
Heartworn Highways (Original Soundtrack)
released 2016
CD:Love For Levon
Love For Levon
released 2013
CD:Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
released 2011

CD:Ramble At The Ryman
Ramble At The Ryman
released 2011
CD:Waylon - The Music Inside
Waylon - The Music Inside
released 2011
CD:Use Me
Use Me
released 2011
CD:Imus Ranch Record
Imus Ranch Record
released 2008

CD:The Way It Feels
The Way It Feels
released 2007
CD:The Border / Alamo Bay
The Border / Alamo Bay
released 2006
CD:Original Soundtrack - My Name Is Earl: The Album
Original Soundtrack - My Name Is Earl: The Album
released 2006
CD:Heard it on the X
Heard it on the X
released 2005

CD:Under The Influence
Under The Influence
released 2004
CD:It'll Come To You
It'll Come To You
released 2003
CD:Further Down The Old Plank Road
Further Down The Old Plank Road
released 2003
CD:The Country Bears
The Country Bears
released 2002

CD:Deeper Still
Deeper Still
released 2002
CD:Avalon Blues
Avalon Blues
released 2001
CD:Rollin' Into Memphis
Rollin' Into Memphis
released 2000
CD:Where The Heart Is
Where The Heart Is
released 2000

CD:A Tribute To Muddy Waters
A Tribute To Muddy Waters
released 1999
released 1998
CD:One Step Up / Two Steps Back
One Step Up / Two Steps Back
released 1997
CD:The Best of Tracy Nelson
The Best of Tracy Nelson
released 1996

CD:Till The Night Is Gone
Till The Night Is Gone
released 1995
CD:Love Gets Strange
Love Gets Strange
released 1993
released 1992
CD:Del Rio, TX 1959
Del Rio, TX 1959
released 1992

CD:Shout (Soundtrack)
Shout (Soundtrack)
released 1991
CD:Luck Of The Draw
Luck Of The Draw
released 1991
CD:Big Town
Big Town
released 1991
CD:Where The Fast Lane Ends
Where The Fast Lane Ends
released 1990

CD:Hell To Pay
Hell To Pay
released 1990
CD:The Neighborhood
The Neighborhood
released 1990
CD:Dressed In Black
Dressed In Black
released 1990
CD:Will The Cirle Be Unbroken Vol. 2
Will The Cirle Be Unbroken Vol. 2
released 1989

CD:The Night Before
The Night Before
released 1989
CD:From Hell To Obscurity
From Hell To Obscurity
released 1989
CD:White Nights
White Nights
released 1985
CD:Attack Of The Killer B's (Volume One)
Attack Of The Killer B's (Volume One)
released 1983

CD:Hand Of Kindness
Hand Of Kindness
released 1983
CD:Don't It Make You Wanna Dance?
Don't It Make You Wanna Dance?
released 1975