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Buddy Boy
written by John Hiatt

Buddy boy
Your feet are always headin' west
Your mind is lyin' in the weeds
Your heart is stompin' on your chest
Come down off your high horse
Why don't you just give it a rest
Buddy boy, buddy boy

Hey buddy boy
You just keep doin' what you do
You're gonna wake up some mornin'
Won't be no one 'round you
You'll be talkin to four walls
And one be talkin' back to you
Buddy boy, buddy boy

Oh buddy boy
Don't care how much you know yourself,
You can't think your way outta this one
You're gonna need some help

Buddy boy
Now who is givin' who the slip
Love is your destination
But your always on some kinda trip

Buddy boy
You think she's messin' with your head
But you better stop your ramblin'
Come home and sleep in your own bed
Before she gets tired of waitin' for ya
And someone's sleepin' there instead

Hey buddy
The river she run up hill
You don't think you're gonna make it
But I think you will
Forget the dreams you wasted
Forget the time you killed
Hey buddy boy, hey buddy boy