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I Love That Girl

Well, she come around here, in her '65 dress
With her eyes stuck open and her head in a mess
With her head screaming 'no' and her heart saying 'yes'
And I love that girl

It was back in that house full of drunkards and thieves
When she first saw me rising up off of my knees
And she said do you think you could show me that please
And I love that girl
Well, I love that girl
And I love that girl
Well, I love that girl
Well, I love that girl

We'd been left by the road in the back of the night
We'd been stranded by dreams in then shot full of moonlight
They took us downtown and they read us our rights
And I love that girl

So we married and said that we never would part
And there hasn't been even one small change of heart
If it ended all now, I wouldn't know where to start
And I love that girl


You lose it all then you're ascending
Into a love that's never ending

Now they're boilin' the oil on the bridge at the gates
the king's men in the castle they're lying in wait}
She says now is the time that we must not hesitate
And I love that girl

And she wakes me with coffee and kisses my head
And starts to explain about something she's read
I say darling, you haven't heard a word that I've said
And I love that girl


I know, I know I love that girl...