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written by John Hiatt

Was at night when they called the little sheppard boy
made him leave his sheep
Was a night wind howling on a wild dog growling
Or a bird that flew all he never knew
were doing to his darkest sleep

When the snow played a trick on the little sheppard boy
must've drove him blind
From the wildest while to the night of knives
til they could not see what had come to be
all the lovers that he leave behind

Twenty one - His eyes were glowing
Who gave him the gun his guts were showing
Setting sun, we wanna know, where did he go

'cause he was gonna lead us all outta this wilderness
Was that too much to ask
His sister and his brother his father and his mother
and if we sentence him to a chance so slim
that he had to wear his own death mask

By his own hand he died the little sheppard boy
no one there to blame
But he will carry the burden of the lie that he left hurting
No one heard the shot but believe it or not
Nothing's ever gonna be the same


Thirty years ago it happened I ain't over it yet
The love of a poor thing was lost but you never forget
I try to imagine the sound of his voice
or what he might have said to himself when he made that choice